House Locators UK Logo

House Locators UK Logo

House Locators Logo
Project Details

I’ve finalised the logo for the House Locators UK brand.

The styling and type of this logo design is very simple and understated. Graphic elements include a magnifying glass which forms the base for the letter “L” of locators, and a standard house shaped icon. The idea was to create something clean and recognisable (even when produced in black and white or viewed from a distance).



House Locators UK

House Locators UK is a nationwide online estate agents and conveyancers based in Birmingham. Their focus is on delivering great customer service to clients wishing to sell their home for a low, no-nonsense price.

Deborah Turner

I am a graphic and surface pattern designer / illustrator working in Birmingham, the UK.

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  • Good job. Very striking.

    4th October 2012 at 12:23 pm

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